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Re: Debian and Enterprise 5500

On Fri, Oct 08, 1999 at 01:52:04PM -0400, Steve Rothanburg wrote:
> Has anyone tried to install Debian on an Enterprise 5500? Are there any
> known problems with it? Does SMP work?
> Will it boot from the debian 2.1r2 sparc cd (i'm still waiting for our
> internet connection to calm down so I can finish rsyncing the image.)
> I'm asking all of this because a while back (6 months ago) I tried to
> install on a 1000E and after a huge amount of pain I got it to work, but
> SMP was broken in the kernel and I ended up having to load Solaris on it
> again.
> Thanks,
> Steve Rothanburg

The default kernel doesn't support SMP. But once you complete the install,
you can "cvs co" the latest vger tree for sparc64 and compile one that is.

The cvs info is at http://cvs.on.openprojects.net (note: the module is
actually "linux", not "kernel" like it says). For the 2.2.x branch use the
-rlinux_2_2 when checking out the source, otherwise you will get the
latest 2.3.x branch.

I don't know of anyone that has installed Linux on an Enterprise 5500,
much less Debian GNU/Linux, so this is a test that I would love to hear
back on :) (according to some notes I read from Dave Miller, Linux for
sparc64 _should_ work on E10k's in theory, but last I heard, no one had
done it yet).


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