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compiler issues and some booboos

Just installed Debian Sparc on my ultra1 and upgraded to tater.  I
have run into some problems which I cannot find any solutions to:

1. fdisk is missing from tater.  It is not in the sparc version of
   util-linux, and there does appear to be a "fdisk" package like
   there was in slink.

2. grep is failing with messages like:

grep: guile-core_1.3.4-0.diff.gz: Bad address
grep: guile-core_1.3.4-0.dsc: Bad address
grep: guile-core_1.3.4-0_sparc.changes: Bad address
grep: guile-core_1.3.4.orig.tar.gz: Bad address
grep: guile1.3_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address
grep: libguile6-dev_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address
grep: libguile6-slib_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address
grep: libguile6_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address

making grep useless.  I tried recompiling from source but it made no
difference at all.

3. egcs64 appears busted (any configure scripts claim that it cannot
   build excutables.  Also, when isntalling it apt-get wanted to
   remove gcc and other thigns, even tho "dpkg -s egcs64" does not
   show them as conflicting.  The resilt is that I have no
   recognizable gcc, because /usr/bin/gcc goes out with the gcc
   package and egcs64 does not make that link again.  I'm totally
   stymied on this and just need a heads-up on what the status of the
   tool-chain is.  I'm not sure if I was just using it for the wrong
   thing, or if it's a real bug.

There are lots of toher little things, but I aint here to complain,
I'm here to help, just need some "orientation" here.  Overall, most of
the stuff is working.

Craig Brozefsky                         <craig@red-bean.com>
Free Scheme/Lisp Software     http://www.red-bean.com/~craig
"riot shields. voodoo economics. its just business. cattle 
 prods and the IMF." - Radiohead, OK Computer, Electioneering

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