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Re: how to compile a kernel?

> > Well, it would be nice if it gave alternatives other than using
> > kernel-package.  Is that more constructive?
> Not really, because the intention of the page is just to talk about
> the Debian/sparc64'isms of compiling kernels.  It is not intended to
> replace kernel compilation HOWTOs or other actual or potential LDP
> material.

Well, that brings us full circle to the question I originally asked,
which was, "Is there a kernel compilation HOWTO for sparc(64)?"
> But if there are any strange things you have to do to use 'make' in
> the stock kernel source, etc, then I'd be happy to add that.

I read through the Makefiles.  It seems the only differnce, AFAICT, is that
you need to use the make target "vmlinux" rather than "bzImage" and that
you end up with an uncompressed kernel image, which you can manually compress
with gzip.  At least, that's what I ended up doing, and it seemed to work.
I don't know if there is some more elegant way.  This sort of thing should
be documented somewhere.


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