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Re: how to compile a kernel?

sharkey@ale.physics.sunysb.edu writes:

> Well, that brings us full circle to the question I originally asked,
> which was, "Is there a kernel compilation HOWTO for sparc(64)?"

Not that I know of..... have you checked the LDP?

> > But if there are any strange things you have to do to use 'make' in
> > the stock kernel source, etc, then I'd be happy to add that.
> I read through the Makefiles.  It seems the only differnce, AFAICT, is that
> you need to use the make target "vmlinux" rather than "bzImage" and that
> you end up with an uncompressed kernel image, which you can manually compress
> with gzip.  At least, that's what I ended up doing, and it seemed to work.
> I don't know if there is some more elegant way.  This sort of thing should
> be documented somewhere.

Well, I'd be happy to add such info if someone gives me some firmer data.

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