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Re: how to compile a kernel?

> > Is there a HOWTO on how to compile a kernel for sparc64?
> Someone posted a URL when I was having problems (I don't have it "at
> hand"), but it had very little actual information in it, other than to say
> that egcs64 worked...sometimes...

Well, I think very little actual information is actually required, just
those things that differ from an Intel build, like the fact that there is
no "zImage" or "bzImage" target and what to do about that, etc. etc.

> > I gather egcs64 is required for this?  This package seems to conflict with
> > everything under the sun.  (no pun intended)
> I don't understand. The version I have (1:19980921-1) may be a bit old,
> but has no conflicts.

gcc conflicts with egcs64 <= 1:199

nupc36% dpkg --status gcc
Package: gcc
Version: 1:2.95.2-0pre1
Conflicts: libc5-dev, egcc (<< 2.91.66-1), egcs64 (<= 1:19980921-3)

Since a lot depends on gcc, egcs64 conflicts with a lot.

However, I just read Ben's post on another thread, which says that this
conflict is an error in the Package file.  I guess that will be cleared up
> Give the new gcc a try?

The kernel Makefile calls sparc64-linux-gcc, which isn't part of gcc 2.95,
is it safe to make a link?  If gcc 2.95 is meant to do this, then why doesn't
the Debian package take care of that?


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