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Re: compiler issues and some booboos

> > 2. grep is failing with messages like:
> > 
> > grep: guile-core_1.3.4-0.diff.gz: Bad address
> > grep: guile-core_1.3.4-0.dsc: Bad address
> > grep: guile-core_1.3.4-0_sparc.changes: Bad address
> > grep: guile-core_1.3.4.orig.tar.gz: Bad address
> > grep: guile1.3_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address
> > grep: libguile6-dev_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address
> > grep: libguile6-slib_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address
> > grep: libguile6_1.3.4-0_sparc.deb: Bad address
> > 
> > making grep useless.  I tried recompiling from source but it made no
> > difference at all.
> Until I installed grep 2.3-5 from potato I got the same errors.

I've got those errors too:

nupc36% grep -i dma *.c 
grep: amd7930.c: Bad address
grep: audio.c: Bad address
grep: cs4231.c: Bad address
grep: dbri.c: Bad address
grep: dmy.c: Bad address

And I'm up to date, with potato:

nupc36% dpkg --status grep | grep -i version
Version: 2.3-7

(As you can see, grep seems to work fine when reading from stdin.)

> However it was fixed in this version, maybe only on old sparc ? In fact, I'm
> running Debian on a SparcClassic.

I'm running on an Ultra 1.


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