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Re: Some thouths about installing Debian on Ultra.

On Mon, Oct 04, 1999 at 11:31:13PM +0200, Dariusz Puchalak wrote:
> Well, I did it :)))
> OK, some thoughts:
> 1. Cannot initiallizing swap from instaler program "Unable to find
> swap-space signature", but doing it manually later (after
> installing) works.

I had the same problem with swap, solved it the same way.

> 2. How to do an nfs install, should be written a little more clearly.
> 3. Modules - What it is FC4? and why installing of any modules fail?
> [in installing program]
> 4. One funny thing - Time zone on Sparc - If you use msdos before ..
> :))))
> 5. And one thing which almost give me an heart attack. Silo installs
> without asking where. I came from intel word so I just imagined
> lossing Solaris which was on 1st hard disk, and linux on second. But
> fortunaly it works OK. :)))
> OK, now some questions:
> - Did someone upgrade to potato?
> - What's the status with perl 5.005?It stops me from setting things
> up (There is 5.005, but it's a little to old to some packages, for
> which it's a little too old for.....)

Try using dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/package-name .  I've 
noticed some (a bunch of) potato packages try to overwrite files that are 
owned by other packages.  I've been using --force-overwrite with these.  I 
haven't had any problems (yet :)


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