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Re: problem with netboot on ultra5

On Thu, Aug 12, 1999 at 01:11:15PM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> "Adam D . McKenna" <adam@flounder.net> writes:
> > I am trying to boot net with an ultra5 here, I tried using the
> > tftpboot-2.1.1-img, and also the regular tftpboot.img in the
> > /pub/debian/dists/slink/main/disks-sparc directory on ftp.debian.org.  The
> > tftpboot sequence appears to be working but it fails at 0x257600 with
> > "illegal instruction"..  Does anyone know what the problem might be?  In the
> > installation instructions, under section 5.2 (Description of System
> > Installation Files), it lists a tftpboot-2.2.7 file, saying that it enables
> > 64bit support.
> 2.2.7?  Really it says that?  Wow.  That should be 2.2.1 still.
> >I can't seem to find this file anywhere, the link on the
> > documentation is broken and it's not on the ftp site.
> You should be using the 2.2.1-sun4u tftp image, i.e., the one you were
> using, dists/stable/main/disks-sparc/current/tftpboot-2.2.1.img .
> Can you give more details on your failure?  It is loading the kernel
> from the network but immediatelly booting you back to the PROM?

Yes.  It starts loading the tftpboot image (I see it fetching it in my tftp
logs), but as soon as it gets to 0x257600 I get:

0x257600 Illegal Instruction


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