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problem with netboot on ultra5

I am trying to boot net with an ultra5 here, I tried using the
tftpboot-2.1.1-img, and also the regular tftpboot.img in the
/pub/debian/dists/slink/main/disks-sparc directory on ftp.debian.org.  The
tftpboot sequence appears to be working but it fails at 0x257600 with
"illegal instruction"..  Does anyone know what the problem might be?  In the
installation instructions, under section 5.2 (Description of System
Installation Files), it lists a tftpboot-2.2.7 file, saying that it enables
64bit support.  I can't seem to find this file anywhere, the link on the
documentation is broken and it's not on the ftp site.

Can someone please give me a heads up?



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