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Re: More install problems under Ultra10 and tftp...

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Eric Delaunay wrote:

> Dale Scheetz wrote:

> > I am certain that if someone can tell me how to extract the contents from
> > a tftpboot.img file, I can get past these problems.
> The kernel is not extracted from tftpboot.img by dboostrap but from one of the
> resc1440*.bin image (either from floppy drive, or cdrom or even from the net).

I know that, but those images _are_ contained in the tftpboot image.

My current problem is that the tftpboot image that I have is
tftpboot-2.2.1.img. This one will boot with the file systems enabled that
I need. What I don't have are the rescue and drivers disk images that
correspond to that boot image. It is my understanding that these are
contained in the tftpboot image, hense my desire to be able to extract the
contents of this style file image.

I know how to mount file systems that are embedded in a file (as opposed
to a device), however I can't do it without some knowledge of the file
system that resides on that embedded file. Knowledge about whether the
file is compressed or not would be useful as well. How is a tftpboot image

> You can do full net install if you configure the network before performing
> "Install kernel & drivers" step.  Then you select this item and see new "NFS"
> entry at the end of the list of available sources.  Of course, you have to put
> resc1440*.bin, drv1440*.bin & base*.tgz on an available NFS server on your net.
I already can't use these images from a local disk partition. Why would I
expect them to work better over an NFS mount, when they don't even work
from a floppy? If I had images that corresponded to the correct kernel, I
can put them on a local disk partition.

> Hope this helps you.
> Thanks for your report.
> I will try to build new bootdisks based on 2.2.9 soon.
It's not the kernel that you use, but the devices and filesystems that
have been enabled in the particular compilation of that kernel. The 2.2.7
kernel used in the tftpboot image that I used had none of the necessary
items enabled. Recompiling the same source with the correct file systems
and device drivers built-in will resolve the problem.

Can you give me a clue as to how you built the tftpboot image, so I can
extract the files I need?


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