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Re: Ultra and Linux usf readonly...

> On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Anders Hammarquist wrote:
> > Yes, if you plan on running solaris on it, slice 3 must be the entire
> > disk.
> I saw this when I looked at the partitions with the installation process.
> I figured it had something to do with the OS.
> Given my current experience I'm not likely to _want_ to do that ;-)
> On the other hand, I should be able to create slice 3 anyway, as it
> doesn't consume any additional space from the disk, right?

Exactly, slice 3 just overlaps the other slices. SunOS needs this since
it doesn't have the equivalent of /dev/sda.

> How many slices can I get out of one device? Is the limit a Linux one, or
> one caused by the hardware architecture of the Ultra? This is the part
> that I expected to be different from my Intel experience, is it?

The disklabel holds 8 slices, this is limited by the format of the
label, in the same way that an intel disklabel only holds 4 (but
sparc doesn't do extended partitions like intel does). So the whole
disk slice uses up a space in the disklabel.


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