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Re: sparc64 and sparc architecture -- any consensus?

> Very true, maybe a well planned "move" to full 64bit is more in order than
> doing a "this way" or "that way" type of approach?

Yes. I was told that in many cases 32-bit binaries perform better on
64-bit architecture than 64-bit binaries. We probably need find a way
to meet current needs as well as long-term goal.

> > > > "We" are looking for the following 64-bit libraries:
> > > >
> > > 
> > > I have a libc.a, ld-linux64.so, and libelf.so if that helps any.
> > 
> > Great! Where did you get them from and how do I get them?
> A very sticky compile using the latest egcs64 from CVS :) I'll compile it
> again on xia01, just be warned that the libc.a _is_ missing some symbols
> regarding floating point operations, and that I have only compiled
> meaningless apps (basename, touch, more, etc..), so I'm not sure if it's
> usable for what you want.

Cool! Let's see. What "we" need is to test a C compiler. Maybe we can just
compile some "meaningless" programs first. Of course, it will be critical to
get these FP operations done. I had impression that glibc is 64-bit ready.
I am curious what caused these missing parts.

Thanks, Ben.


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