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Re: sparc64 and sparc architecture -- any consensus?

Steve Dunham <dunham@cse.msu.edu> writes:
>It doesn't make much sense to add a few GB to the ftp site, slow down
>Debian Linux, and use up a _lot_ of CPU just to avoid fixing dinstall
>and wanna-build.

Yes, well, we're going to need to talk to the ftp archive maintainers.
My questions:

  * will there be dists/unstable/binary-sparc64 dir?
  * if so, how will it work? symlink farm to sparc mostly?
    some kind of overlay?

>Middle of the summer for the preliminary userspace toolchain.  It has
>not been released yet.  Ultrapenguin no longer exists.  (It has been
>replaced by Red Hat 6.0 - Jakub is now working directly on Red Hat to
>reduce repetition of work.)

Interesting.    Does RH 6.0 support sparc64 outta the box today?

>You're probably reading messages from December/January, when I was
>just starting to add UltraSparc support.  Debian 2.1 works on
>UltraSparcs, and will compile sparc64 kernels on any sparc.

Yes, I full well know this, since I have a Debian Ultra5, and have
compiled my own kernel for it.

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