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Installing trubles...

I'm trying to install debian on a Ultra10 Sparc station (333MHz/128Mo/9GoIDE)
I have no keyboard, so i use a nullmodem cable on serial port at 9600bps.
I failed to boot from floppies:

 ok boot floppy
 Boot device /pci<blablabla>/fdthree
 Bad magic number in disk label.
 Can't open disk label package
 Can't open boot device


so i booted from the network with the tftpboot-2.2.1.img 
(tftpboot.img gave an "Illegal instruction" or so when loading form net)

The install program ran, and now I have kernel panics when accessind to
the HD drive ( mkfs, mkswap, badblocks ...)
Here is the message:

 Kernel panic: Wheee. Kernel does fpu/atomic unalign.

Some time the HD continues to be accessed 
(look like the system is not completely dead)

I don't think this is a hardware fault because the SunOS that was
preinstalled on the HD booted correctly

I'd appreciate any information.

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