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XIA02 is online w/ Slink/sparc (Re: updated status of xia01-03)

Hi, folks,

I have installed Slink on xia02, a SPARCstation LX with 64MB RAM. The basic
package cluster I installed was "devel-comp." I also replaced the 540MB disk
with a 1.08GB disk. I created 128MB swap space on it. The kernel is 2.2.1.

This system can be used for "auto-build" of sparc packages. There are NFS
volumes mounted. The /home currently does not have enough space but will
have enough in a few days after I move 1GB UltraPenguin 1.1.9 archive onto
xia01 and add more disks if needed. I can also upgrade it to 128MB into this
system. Anyone who is interested in using SPARC/UltraSPARC systems for
Debian development, please let me know and I will assign an account for you.
We have three systems linked to a full-speed T-1 line. Xia01 and xia03 are
UltraSPARC systems. I will upgrade xia01 to Debian as soon as I have some
time to spare.

BTW, the installation (from TFTP/NFS server) did not bother me too much. 
Actually it was very smooth. There were only glitches I'd like to mention:
- gpmconfig got stuck when sunmouse is not recognized 
- /dev/fb0 still has wrong permission which prevents regular user start Xwin

I also hope dselect check diskspace availability before continue after
Select. Also this release still requires floppies (resc/drv). It could be
my problem since I did not find a way to get around it. There was no choice
of NFS install of Base system.

Please let me know if we need install other packages or you need sudo 


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