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Re: Would like to help...


If you have another Sun system running Solaris, you can use it as a 
server without booting Linux on it.  On my UltraSPARC - Solaris server, 
I use "arp -s" instead of "rarp -s" to configure the connection for net 
boot of Linux, and the tftpboot.img is in a /tftpboot directory. Other 
operations are about the same between them, I believe.

Good Luck,

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> In message <[🔎] 19990315025406.A12286@helios.etherforge.com>, Ryan Zenker 
> writes:
> >I have an ultra1 that I would love to try debian on, unfortunatly I
> >have seen much information online and no sign of an unstable dist.
> >I would be more than happy to help in any way I can, but the only
> >ultra I have is production, so that limits my options...
> >Could someone post an update of sorts about this port?
> >Thanks.
> >
> >-- 
> >Ryan Zenker
> >
> Here's some info I got from Steve Dunham on how to install- the 
install is 
> very similar to the UltraPenguin install (in terms of setting up and 
> RARP, TFTP, etc.)
> ......
> The best thing to do is a tftpboot install.  You'll need another linux
> machine and a network between the two machines.
> On the sparc: 
>   Find out it's MAC address by looking at the screen: 8:0:20:x:x:x
> On the other Linux box:
> * Make sure the kernel has rarp support (if it's in a module you'll 
>   to load it).  "rarp -a" will tell you if you have support compiled 
> * Enable tftpd by uncommenting the tftpd line from /etc/inetd.conf.
>    Then send SIGHUP to the inetd process.
> * Fetch tftpboot.img from my ftp site: 
>     ftp://ftp.cse.msu.edu/pub/debian/install.new
>   and place in /boot (world readable).
>   Make a symlink from tftpboot.img to the hex IP address of the sparc, 
>     ln -s tftpboot.img /boot/C0A80101
>   if the IP is  Use a relative link - tftpd chroots
>   into /boot.
> * Also get the rest of the stuff from the "install.new" dir and export
>   it via NFS to the sparc.  (The base2_1.tgz and the sun4u directory.)
> * Add the rarp entry on the other Linux box:
>     rarp -s 8:0:20:1:2:3
>   where "" is the IP of the Sparc, and "8:0:20:1:2:3" is
>   the HW address.
> * Now, you can start a tcpdump, if you want to watch, then type:
>     "boot net" 
>   At the PROM prompt on the UltraSparc.
> It should acquire an address, then download a large tftp image, then
> boot into Linux.  You want to do configure Network before you install
> the kernel or base (so you have an NFS option).  Point it at the
> location of your copy of base2_1.tgz and the sun4u stuff.
> After you go through "make the disk bootable" and everything and
> reboot Linux should come up.  If it doesn't, try "boot disk:a"
> (assuming the Linux partition is /dev/sda1).  
> One other caveat: the mkswap on the boot image might not work - if it
> doesn't, you'll have to set up swap after you boot into Linux.
> For X, you should get the xserver-mach64 from either my ftp site or
> from ~iko/public_html on master (the one on master is newer and will
> go into slink RSN).  If the version is 10.1 (or older) you'll also
> need to grab:
>   ftp://ftp.cse.msu.edu/pub/debian/XF86Config
> and put it in /etc/X11.  (Anders is fixing the package to include 
> This will give you 1152x900x16bit at a 76Hz refresh, if you want a
> higher resolution, you'll have to drop down to 8bit mode.
> Steve
> dunham@cse.msu.edu
> -- 
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