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1998-11-05 Status

OK, last night I uploaded the following to kachina into ~lohner/deb:

There are a number of packages that built cleanly in each, and a number that 
did not.  I'm downloading text today, and will build/upload tonight.

On the machine I have at home, I'm planning to 'dpkg --force-depends -i 
*.deb' tonight to start getting things into their proper places, that way I 
hope to be able to compile more and more of the directories I have dwnloaded.

Looks like the source mirroring is on its way to being set up, and xia01 
will be the machine James will work on to get buildd up and running.

It's going well!  I guess once we have a base Debian dist running, we can 
move it over to xia03 and let the developers loose on packages that don't 
build... unless we want to give access to xia01 already while it's being 


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