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Re: Status


> Previously Nils Lohner wrote:
> > Wichert is setting up rsync on one of the xia's so we can have a source 
> > mirror there and unleash people on the packages.
> I just installed dpkg and rsync from the packages Nils compiled on xia01.
> Now I only need diskspace to put the sources on. I noticed there is a debian
> mirror already:
>   ruby:/Debian          3.9G  3.8G   266K    100%   /export/Debian

I have a local mirror from ftp.debian.org and I only mirror sources as 
well as i386 and sparc binaries. However, it seems it gets too big to 
put on a 4.3GB disk. We are going to get a bigger disk. If someone has
information about the size of the whole Debian FTP, please let me know.
However, I believe all source packages are there.

I currently use "mirror" program which is very inefficient and I noticed
that Debian project encourages use of rsync and I am going to switch over.
If you can give me a configuration script or something like this, I will 
put it on our server. 

> I haven't checked exactly what it mirrors, but either it mirrors way too
> much (only sources and maybe binary-sparc are enough atm), or it has
> a serious diskspace problem. I also don't know how that mirror is updated..

The cron jobs will update it twice a week.

> Oh, I got word from Rick Sladkey a new strace version is coming up. I'm
> hoping to get ultrasparc patches into that; I already got an emailaddress
> from someone who has worked in that..

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