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Sun Loan System: xia03.KachinaTech.COM is up!

Hi, Folks,

Sun Microsystems loaned three systems to Debian project. One of them
has been delivered to Kachina Technologies, Inc. in Albuquerque, NM,
USA. It is an Ultra30 workstation with an UltraSPARC II/250MHz CPU
(1M-ECache), 128MB RAM, 4.3GB Seagate SCSI drive and a Creator graphics

We have installed UltraPenguin 1.0.9 on this system. THe kernel version
is 2.1.106. It will join the existing Kachina's systems including an
UltraAX/170 running UltraPenguin (xia01) and a less powerful SPARCstation 1+
running Debian/SPARC (xia02) to provide Debian developers a better
computing environment.

We welcome Debian developers accessing these systems and produce synchronized
version of their software packages for 64-bit SPARC as well as for Intel.

I believe the latest kernel is beyond 2.1.110 on vger.rutgers.edu CVS. 
I need to learn how to use CVS. If someone can give a short description
of grabbing the latest kernel image, I will try first.



Ward Deng, Ph.D                   |  Kachina Technologies, Inc.
Vice President and COO            |  4708 Douglas MacArthur Road NE,
Tel: 505-888-5934                 |  Albuquerque NM 87110
Fax: 505-888-5902                 |  info@KachinaTech.COM
Email: Ward.Deng@KachinaTech.COM  |  URL: http://www.KachinaTech.COM

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