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Re: Upcoming 2.1 Release Architectures

> >     Brian> Could I get some official word on which architectures wish
> >     Brian> to be included in the 2.1 release of Debian?  Thanks!
> > 
> > I don't think sparc is ready to go, though Johnnie or Eric may see it
> > differently.
> > 
> I'm neither Johnnie nor Eric but I think the basic tools on sparc are
> stabilizing (compiler, glibc2.1, kernel). I don't think Sparc is ready
> for a full blown quality release like i386.
> Does it make sense to go for a stabilized developer snapshot, i.e.
> a Sparc port which has base, required, standard and parts of the
> optional packages (sources based on the slink dist of i386) ? 
> Kind of a official _development_ release with a big disclaimer about
> the development character of the port. Powerpc probably would be a
> second candidate for such a release.
> 2 reasons in favour:
> * we ease the work of the CD producers to provide a _reasonable_ 
> (installable) snapshot of the ports
> * if there's a stabilized snapshot newbies will get (hopefully) a
> softer introduction in the wonders of the Linux-Sparc/Powerpc/Arm/... world

Yes, that would be great! And to have all binaries and sources on cd's. 

Sparc and powerpc are easily setupable per tftpboot and from cd, but
powerpc has no (tested!) boot-floppies. The point is not to have all
1500 debian packages available, it must be an easy-to-go system from
ground. Is this the case for sparc: goahead!

BTW: if sparc uses also linux-2.1.x, you have no kernel images available. 



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