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Re: Sun Loan System: xia03.KachinaTech.COM is up!

Previously Ward Deng wrote:
> I believe the latest kernel is beyond 2.1.110 on vger.rutgers.edu CVS. 
> I need to learn how to use CVS. If someone can give a short description
> of grabbing the latest kernel image, I will try first.

It's easy.. First you need to setup the CVSROOT environment to tell cvs
where the archive is. For vger this is:

   export CVSROOT

On the first time you access the archive you need to login and enter the
CVS password (for vger this is `cvs'):

   cvs login
You are now ready to checkout an archive. For the kernel this is:

   cvs co linux

You can also get a list of available archive with this command:

   cvs co -c

At a later time you can update your archive by doing:

   cvs update


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