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Re: CrossCompiler installation

+++ Pietro Paolini [2014-11-25 04:48 -0500]:
> Is your installation an i386 machine?
> Yes
> >The toolchains there are currently only for amd64 machines so there is
> >nothing to install on your machine.
> I could be wrong, and maybe I have read quickly and without paying
> attention, but should not be written Times new Roman 120 ? :-)

Info shoudl certainly be clear. The wiki page (https://wiki.debian.org/CrossToolchains#For_jessie.2Ftesting) does say: "The toolchains install on amd64 machines, targeting these architectures: <list>"
Perhaps you were reading something else (there is loads of differing
info of various vintages scattered about).

> >I will try building some, and upload them if they work.
> >I've just done that here and it builds OK. I'll build the other arches
> >and upload. Feedback on whether they work for you would be welcome.
> Where will you upload to and how shall I try them ? I am more than
> happy to test them for you
> and give you a feedback, so we can fix this for everyone.

OK. I have moved the cross-toolchain repo to emdebian.org (from p.d.o)
mostly so that it is available without https (not available by default
in basic chroots).

So now there are amd64 and i386 cross-toolchains (targettting arm64,
armel, armhf, mips, mipsel, powerpc, ppc64el) available in the repo:
deb http://emdebian.org/tools/debian/ jessie main

Installation as described on the above wiki page.

Please tell me if they work/don't work for you.

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