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Re: CrossCompiler installation

Is your installation an i386 machine?


The toolchains there are currently only for amd64 machines so there is
nothing to install on your machine.

I could be wrong, and maybe I have read quickly and without paying attention, but should not be written Times new Roman 120 ? :-)

I will try building some, and upload them if they work.

You could also try:
get source, add i386 to build arches, sbuild it:
dget -u
sed -i -e 's/Architecture: amd64/Architecture: amd64 i386/'
cd cross-gcc-4.9-armel-0.9
sbuild -A -s -d jessie

I have download the right one from Linaro, if it does not work I will.

to just build one yourself.
(you'll need sbuild & devscripts installed, and a jessie i386 chroot:
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends sbuild devscripts
sudo sbuild-createchroot jessie /home/user/jessie

I've just done that here and it builds OK. I'll build the other arches
and upload. Feedback on whether they work for you would be welcome.

Where will you upload to and how shall I try them ? I am more than happy to test them for you
and give you a feedback, so we can fix this for everyone.


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