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Re: future of blas/lapack/atlas packages?

(Doku and Camm re-added to CC --Dirk)

On 8 July 2008 at 16:02, Ondrej Certik wrote:
| Hi,
| thanks Matthias for raising this issue. 


This has always been a point of great pride for Debian, and I have provided
Atlas to users of R and Octave (when I still maintained the latter) for
almost eight years. 

Camm did great and pioneering work here.  We should build on this.
| I am interested in helping with this. 

I may be out of my depth with the compiler / porting issues and am thinly
stretched with > 100 packages (including ess which 'we' [as in a new small
group] took from Camm recently).

| We need to maintain the packages in a svn/git repository 

Sounds good. I will try to help, at least with testing.  Anybody else?


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