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future of blas/lapack/atlas packages?

Hi all,

blas and lapack are basic numeric libraries much used within Debian;
the same holds for atlas which seems to be be needed by more and more
packages.  We had some difficulties getting these packages converted
to build with gfortran; initial packages were made for experimental,
then some packages were provided by the package maintainer, which were
further updated to the current state in unstable/testing.  However it
looks like these packages are basically unmaintained, and the
packaging is an "interesting" one, in that many people did fail to
upgrade the atlas package from 3.6 to 3.8. How could we go on with the
packaging of these packages?  Camm currently doesn't seem to have
enough time, so is there anybody interested in maintainance who would
be able to update the atlas package and maybe set up a packaging group
which could be open for the current package maintainer?

thanks, Matthias

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