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More packages tested with the new Lapack

Dear Debian toolchain,

I have got some more good news. I just tried out Octave 2.9 with the
shiny new lapack3gf, and it works pretty OK. I am NOT providing the
debs or source packages, since I don't want many duplicate packages
floating around. Therefore, I just mention the steps I followed:

1. In my sid chroot, get all build dependencies.

2. Observe that of the dependencies, libsuitesparse Build-Depends on
lapack3-dev. So, first get it to work. It already uses gfortran, so
all I had to do was rebuild it with the new lapack3-dev and
refblas3-dev. In some Makefiles, however, I got some linking troubles,
with the linker unable to resolve _gfortran_runtime_error. That was
easily worked around by adding -lgfortran to those lines.

3. Get octave2.9. Bump the Build-Depend on g++ to g++ (>= 4.1.x) to
plain g++, and Build-Depend on the new lapack3-dev and refblas3-dev,
and build the package to arrive at an octave executable whose ldd
doesn't have libg2c (BTW, libg2c isn't even installed). And, before I
forget, Octave also does math! :-)

So, I think we can now assume that the building of Lapack with
gfortran is no problem, since Lapack upstream themseves have provided
the Makefile for using gfortran. I now request people to have a look
at Camm's patches and apply them one by one, on a need basis.

Once you have checked the patches and merged the documentation, I
think we can upload it to experimental. So, please do contribute to
this when you have free time.

Also, I would request someone to upload the lapack3 package to
Alioth's collab-maint (I just remembered that I may also 5Bhave rights
to do so!). Would anyone mind if I put it on collab-maint Git, or
would svn be preferable? Also, do you think it is OK to upload it to
collab-maint in the current state, or would you recommend that more
work be done on it before we upload it there?

I am away during the weekend, and will be back early next week, and
will try to help out by testing more packages in my chroot.


Kumar Appaiah,
458, Jamuna Hostel,
Indian Institute of Technology Madras,
Chennai - 600 036

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