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Re: TeXlive and xdg-utils


On 06/07/12 16:01, Julian Gilbey wrote:
On Fri, Jul 06, 2012 at 02:48:09PM +0200, Frank Kuester wrote:
Indeed, but it is getting hard now to install a basic TeX on a
(free)desktop free computer, hence my email.

This would be a problem, I agree.  However, I don't see how this is the

Package: xdg-utils
Recommends: iceweasel | www-browser, x11-utils, x11-xserver-utils, file, mime-support, shared-mime-info
Suggests: gvfs-bin

Does this force the installation of a desktop environment?  I don't see why.

aptitude can be configured (and I think it may be by default) to
automatically install all the recommended packages.  It nags if you

I am using dselect, but indeed a lot of recommended perl packages were installed:
I have just uninstalled them: the move to xdg-utils sounds so more reasonnable.

Sorry for the noise,


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