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Re: what remains before upload to unstable

On Do, 15 Mär 2012, Norbert Preining wrote:
> I think the packages are now in halfway decent shape. There are a
> few things I want to fix before uploading to unstable, but I am not 
> sure if I can manage that myself.

I want to add one thing, that would be great, and needs actual no

* duplicate font files:
  one should go through the list of duplicate font files and does the
  if all fonts in *one*TeX Live*package* (not Debian package, the tpm
  units) are covered by one or more package in Debian,
  *AND* the fonts are the same (!!!!!!!!) (that is important,
  not simple the names are the same, but also afm, whatever. 
  I normally checked the md5sum!)
    . backlist the TeX Live package: blacklist;tpm;<TLname>;*
    . add a depends for the containing texlive package: depend:....
    . add links to the package, ie, create/add $debpkg.links.dist
      with the respective links 

If someone can take a look at that, ith would be great. THere are 
lintian warnings for all duplicate fonts AFAIR, so one has just
to go through that list.

Best wishes

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