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Re: TL2012 status 2012-03-06

On Tuesday 06 March 2012 07:43:34 Norbert Preining wrote:
> All the other lintian errors I have fixed, and many lintian warnings.
> There are still a lot left, if you want to take a look, see
>         http://people.debian.org/~preining/TeX/pool/lintian.log
> for an overview of all errors in all relevant packages, ordered
> by error type. And if you have suggestions how to fix them, anyone,
> let me know (or send fixes!)

I can start to write missing manpages. I'll start with texlive-binaries. 
Can I put completed manpages inside texlive-bin debian/man-pages before 
sending upstream?


 Daniele Tricoli 'Eriol'

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