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Request to join the TeX Task Force

Dear developers,

I would be glad to join the TeX Task Force. I am already a member of the 
Debian Python Module Team and, of course, a TeX user.

I have already read http://people.debian.org/~preining/TeX/TeX-on-Debian/
and looked at the team's wiki.

I would like to start working on the License Auditing. Where should I have 
to put the results? We can just use a wiki page like Fedora's 
developers[¹]? I think we could also work together with Fedora developers 
for the License Auditing; what do you think about?

My alioth login is eriol-guest: I'm sending a request to join also through 
the alioth join project page.

Thanks and kind regards,

[¹] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Talk:Features/TeXLiveLegalAudit
 Daniele Tricoli 'Eriol'

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