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Bug#622880: Little issue in a bibtex style

Le 17.04.11, Hilmar Preuße a écrit :

> If he's not willing to change the translation at least the
> comment should be fixed.

Actually I already changed the other way around some time ago (my
first translation was "Dans", but someone told me that the French
norm AFNOR Z 44-005 recommends "In". That's actually why the
comment is wrong: I forgot to update it at the same time).

I could of course have duplicated all French styles, but then
some people would ask for other translations of other terms
("éditeur" to "rédacteur en chef" for instance). As I don't want
to end up with 2^10 styles, I am not willing to modify the style.
Actually, the main contribution of this style is to put the
translated words at the beginning of the file, so that it can be
modified even if you don't know anything about BibTeX styles.

> I don't know much about bibtex styles, maybe it is possible to
> introduce an option and to use either "In" or "Dans".

This would be possible, by using a LaTeX command. But it would
require the inclusion of an extra package, that most people would
forget... I really prefer sticking to the current simple

Concerning the wrong comment, I'm a bit annoyed to upload new
files where the sole change is in a comment, but I could do it if
you think it is really worth it.

Best wishes,


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