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Bug#622880: Little issue in a bibtex style

Le 16/04/2011 19:03, Hilmar Preuße a écrit :
On 15.04.11 Julien PUYDT (julien.puydt@laposte.net) wrote:
There was a goof-up in the plain-fr bibtex style ; the comment says
how to translate "In"...  but doesn't do it!

I got input from the maintainer:

Both can be accepted, depending on the conventions you use (but
admittedly the comment should correspond to what the style does).

Here are examples where "In" (which actually is the latin word) is


Strange... I chose plain-FR precisely because I was annoyed that my bibliography wasn't in french, so it's a little annoying that I end up with latin ;-)

Furthermore the fact that the comment says something and the code does otherwise is odd.

Whatever you choose, I'll probably end up using a patched version to suit my taste -- but some coherence in the base choices would be good.


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