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Bug#622880: Little issue in a bibtex style

On 16.04.11 Julien PUYDT (julien.puydt@laposte.net) wrote:
> Le 16/04/2011 19:03, Hilmar Preuße a écrit :


> >I got input from the maintainer (Nicolas Markey):
> >
> ><quot>
> >Both can be accepted, depending on the conventions you use (but
> >admittedly the comment should correspond to what the style does).
> >
> >Here are examples where "In" (which actually is the latin word) is
> >recommended:
> >
> >http://www.inrp.fr/editions/revues/revue-francaise-de-pedagogie/consignes-aux-auteurs
> >http://revues.refer.org/telechargement/fiche-bibliographie.pdf
> ></qoute>
> Strange... I chose plain-FR precisely because I was annoyed that my
> bibliography wasn't in french, so it's a little annoying that I end
> up with latin ;-)
> Furthermore the fact that the comment says something and the code
> does otherwise is odd.
Please be so kind to discuss this with the maintainer: Nicolas Markey
<markey@lsv.ens-cachan.fr> . If he's not willing to change the
translation at least the comment should be fixed. I don't know much
about bibtex styles, maybe it is possible to introduce an option and
to use either "In" or "Dans".

I'm sorry: I don't speak French and can't contribute here.

sigmentation fault

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