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Bug#620077: biblatex: can't upgrade package; depends on nonexistent package

On 29.03.11 dgriswol@rochester.rr.com (dgriswol@rochester.rr.com) wrote:


> biblatex cannot be upgraded to 1.3a-1 (from 0.9a-1). It depends on
> logreq, which is not available (according to the package's own
> page).
> aptitude full-upgrade gives this response: 
> "biblatex: Depends: logreq which is a virtual package." 
> apt-get install says: 
> "biblatex : Depends: logreq but it is not installable" 
> Are there plans to package logreq? If not, can this dependency be
> removed?
It has been done. The package is still in the new queue:

sigmentation fault

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