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Bug#559025: luatex: needs libpoppler >= 0.10 to compile

On Di, 01 Dez 2009, Tanguy Ortolo wrote:
> information. There are these 6 characters in debian/control, “>= 0.8”,
> that providea wrong information. Replacing them by these seven
> characters, “>= 0.10”, does provide the right information.

No, you are wrong, because popller will change the API again (as you
can easily see from the amount of patches and changes), and then
	>= 0.10
is not enough, because we would need << 0.10.1, too.

Can you provide that? No, becasue AFAIR (but I might be wrong here)
this is not supported.

>   - makes backporting harder,

Wrong, it make backporting *easier, you need only change

>   - makes “funny builds on stable systems” harder;

Well, that is what the package for stable is for ...

> - replacing 6 characters by 7 other ones:
>   - fixes the problem,

No, see above

>   - provides true information,
>   - introduces no regression as far as I know.

regression in what sense? What *does* not work within the *normal* debian
process of
	upload - build in buildds - install into the resp distributions
Can you explain me *where* there is the regression.

> I would be glad to, but I am not the maintainer of this package. That
> was why I provided a patch against the debian/control.  In general, when

Thanks, there are far FAR more important things like gettin gTL2009
work with luatex and the divert things, if someone could help there
(I sent already HELP emails to the debian-tex list without success),
it would be *MUCH* more appreciated than a so trivial patch as replacing
an "8" by a "10" which does not change anything in the normal debian

> providing wrong information in it rather than to apply my one-line patch
> that introduces no cost?

Yes, becasue I might apply one of the old patches 
(becasue we are at 0.12 by now ...)
and provide backports?

I prefer investing my time in tracking time real bugs, not useless
bug that only occur if someone builds a package for a wrong distribtuion.

Could you try please to build *ALL* current packages in sid within stable
and see if all of them work?

Best wishes


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