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Bug#559025: luatex: needs libpoppler >= 0.10 to compile

Le mardi 01 décembre 2009, Norbert Preining a écrit :
> can you please explain me what you try to address?
> A backport?
> A fun build on some stable system?

Actually, trying to do a “fun build on stable system” is what made me
discover the problem.

But I am not trying to address anything but to provide proper, accurate
information. There are these 6 characters in debian/control, “>= 0.8”,
that providea wrong information. Replacing them by these seven
characters, “>= 0.10”, does provide the right information.

So here is the situation:
- currently, the debian/control is incorrect, which:
  - is wrong, per se, as build-dependency information does not exist to 
    be filled with anything, even if it works,
  - makes backporting harder,
  - makes “funny builds on stable systems” harder;
- replacing 6 characters by 7 other ones:
  - fixes the problem,
  - provides true information,
  - introduces no regression as far as I know.

> If you want that fix the deps please by yourself.

I would be glad to, but I am not the maintainer of this package. That
was why I provided a patch against the debian/control.  In general, when
I see a mistake, small or big, with or without impact, that I can
correct, I submit a patch, and so did I here. Do you prefer to continue
providing wrong information in it rather than to apply my one-line patch
that introduces no cost?

Tanguy Ortolo

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