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Bug#501293: dvipdfmx: eps figures are misaligned

On 20.02.09 Hilmar Preusse (hille42@web.de) wrote:
> On 20.02.09 Jens Noritzsch (b+do@jens.noritzsch.de) wrote:


> > BTW, an ebb replacement (extractbb) has been added to dvipdfmx in
> > 2008 so there is no obvious reason anymore to keep the dvipdfm part
> > of texlive-base-bin.
> > 
> Would you be so kind to check if all tools provided by dvipdfm
> actually have an equivalent in dvipdfmx?
IIRC in sarge dvipdfm was still a separate package. That should help
to find out, which binaries are provided by dvipdfm.

sigmentation fault

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