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Bug#507561: biblatex: Style change in localization files

On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 04:11:41PM +0100, plebeien wrote:
> But we use the small caps in french for humanities bibliographies.

We could modify only the italian localization then.
But still, biblatex is by no way intented just for humanities.
While I'm not writing in french and I'm not going to interfere with the french locale, I would think using small caps in every style is something inappropriate.
There is a package with extra styles, biblatex-dw, which is thought for the humanities and provides an option to have small caps for the surname. Unfortunately, as of now it consists of just two stiles, authortitle-dw and footnote-dw, but it can still do for many people in the humanities (I am thinking about writing authoryear-dw  and sending it to the author, but it would take a while).
That said, french locale is definitely not my business, so I'll limit my claim to the italian one.

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