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Re: Biblatex

On Sa, 11 Okt 2008, Jan Hauke Rahm wrote:
> > the documentation biblatex.pdf but there is no source for this document.
> Thanks and yes, I saw that and I'm in contact with upstream to solve
> that.

Ok, perfect. But be reminded that the doc also uses non-free fonts,
which is also a no-go in Debian. So if you have the source you should
(try to) compile it with free fonts.

> > At the end: Please think about Lehman's request not to include biblatex
> > until it has reached 1.0. We honored that in TeX Live 2008, so it might
> > be wise to honor it in Debian, too.
> I talked about that with him and we decided to create and upload this
> package to get more users to test it. It' my only tex packe so I'll have
> time to solve upcoming problems together with him.

WOW?!?!? Strange?!?! He didn't want it to be included in TeX Live
itself. But maybe because it will be uploaded to unstable?

Go for it, I will sponsor it. Let me know what else you need before

Ahhhh yes there is one thing: You 
	Recommend: texlive-latex-recommended (>=2008)
Why? I still have to find time to package TL2008...

Best wishes


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