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Re: texlive-base_2007.dfsg.1-4_i386.changes REJECTED

On Mo, 08 Sep 2008, Frank Küster wrote:
> - There's a new, unused file tpm2debcommon2008.pm in the diff.gz which I
>   didn't notice. I fear the release managers will have a hard time
>   accepting this, even if we tell them it's ineffective. 

???? How???
$ svn status all/debian/tpm2debcommon2008.pm 
?      all/debian/tpm2debcommon2008.pm

So it is not under svn control?!?! Please check which files are there,
that file should have been removed since some time.

> I'm leaving for a two-day work trip, and I might not be able to do this
> before late next weekend.

And I am on a conference. We will see who takes it first.

Best wishes


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