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Bug#476957: texlive-xetex: Sinhala language support

On Di, 22 Apr 2008, Harshula wrote:
> > As part of TeX Live 2008. Current XeTeX trunk uses ICU 3.8.1 plus  
> > some more recent patches from ICU svn, plus the XeTeX extensions.
> Is there an estimated release date for TeX Live 2008?

Autumn. No definitive release date.

> I understand, however, if Tex Live 2008 is released before Lenny freezes
> and can be packaged in time, then there's no need to go through this

No. It will not be in lenny. Lenny is already in half-freeze ...

> The issues with the submitted patch are:
> 1) The ooffice crashing workaround code, which renders incorrectly for
> one codepoint, is made redundant by the increase of the worst case
> expansion from 3 to 4.
> 2) The change to LEFontInstance.cpp does directly affect other scripts.
> Probably more risky than the state table changes.
> 3) It still contains the bug mentioned in ticket 6232.

What does that mean ...

Best wishes


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