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Bug#476957: (fwd) Bug#476957: texlive-xetex: Sinhala language support

On 21 Apr 2008, at 4:51 pm, Harshula wrote:

Norbert & Jonathan,

1) Is there a reason to continue statically linking ICU instead of
dynamically linking to libicu (3.8.1) which is maintained by Jay (CC'd)?
Open Office used to statically link ICU but now dynamically links to

XeTeX uses a version of ICU with some API extensions (to implement features that ICU itself does not yet offer), so it has to use a private build of the library.

Obviously, I hope that eventually ICU will support everything XeTeX needs, and then we can change all this.

2) If dynamic linking is not an option, when will XeTeX with a more
recent ICU be released?

As part of TeX Live 2008. Current XeTeX trunk uses ICU 3.8.1 plus some more recent patches from ICU svn, plus the XeTeX extensions.

But TL 2007, which Norbert is currently packaging for Lenny, has an older version of XeTeX that uses ICU 3.4 with extensions, hence this issue.

3) If there are no plans for a new release, can we apply a series of ICU
Sinhala patches as they were applied to ICU's SVN? i.e. port what Eric
checked into ICU's SVN.

I haven't seen patches to 3.4 in ICU's svn; is there a patched 3.4 branch or something that includes these? A full update from ICU 3.4 to 3,8.1 is too major of a change to slip into the TL2007 package for Debian, I think.


re: http://bugs.icu-project.org/trac/ticket/6232

Eric is ok with the patch, he's just busy with the ICU 4.0 release. Best
to wait till it is checked into ICU's SVN. I guess you can have a chat
to Eric about it at the Text Layout Summit.

The last I heard (some time back) was that Eric wouldn't be going to the upcoming TLS, assuming you're referring to the meeting in Poland next month. I also decided recently that I can't make it this time, as the timing really doesn't work well for me in conjuction with other commitments.


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