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About the names and the contents of the texlive-lang packages

Dear people*

I would like to know if there's a criteria about the name of the debian 
packages and their contents. Basically I would like to know, following the 
bug [1] why the catalan language is inside a spanish package, or why the 
basque language is inside the french package. 

If you want to have the criteria that the languages are referring to the 
country where are spoken, probably you will have problems because there are 
languages that are spoken in several languages. Using this criteria, taking 
the majority (a criteria, I don't know if the best but a a criteria...) the 
basque language must go to the spanish ... or Spain package because it cannot 
be in the french ... or France package.

So, please, could you choose one criteria (whatever you want, but one) about 
the languages and the names of the packages? 


texlive-lang-country -> languages spoken in than country (using that the 
majority of the language is spoken there). Few countries and problems with 
repeated languages in countries. Germany, Austria two packages ore the same 

texlive-lang-language --> a lot of packages, but clear for the comunity (we 
have typical packages -i18n- etc without problems

texlive-origin-xxxx -> where you have grouped the languages by origins. Roman, 
Saxon, Slave .... where did you put the basque?

Best regards,


* added Jordà because fill a bug about the same as I comment	

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=456400

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