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Re: How to add files that upstream does not install? (was: upload plans)

Hi Frank!

On Die, 10 Apr 2007, Frank Küster wrote:
> Actually, the configure/build part is trivial.  However, the
> libkpathsea* files are not installed by TL upstream, so they are not in
> any existing tpm.

So we should use dh_install simply for all the files necessary!

> Which method do you suggest to copy these additional files?  I'm a bit
> confused about the current setup.  Currently, the build target of
> texlive-bin's debian/rules contains:
> 	mkdir -p bin/i386-linux
> 	cp -a build/source/inst/bin/*/* bin/i386-linux/
> 	cp -a bin.special/* bin/i386-linux/
> 	for i in build/source/inst/texmf/web2c/*.pool ; do \
> 		cp $$i texmf/web2c/ ; \
> 	done
> 	touch build-stamp

Yes, but this is only to have the stuff in the right place for the tpm
files. Since none of the libkpathsea stuff is in tpms, we don't care for
this and use dh_install.

> them to debian/wherever.  According to this logic, I would have to copy
> the files from build/source/inst/lib to ./lib/ (and the same with
> include/) and later copy them to the package dirs.


> Why do we need this indirection step?  Wouldn't it be possible to let

We don't need it for libkpathsea, only for the tpms.

> - copy the files from build/source/inst to ./lib/ and ./include and
>   enhance tpm2deb.cfg and tpm2deb-bin.pl to be able to add arbitrary
>   files (or does that already exist?), and pick them up from there[1]


> - copy the files to debian/tmp and use dh_install
> - move the files "by hand", with manually written lines in debian/rules,
>   from build/source/inst to debian/libkpathsea*/

Combination from those two? Add a file
listing all the files to be installed, then all in the rules(.in) 
That should be enough.

Best wishes


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