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Re: Meta-package to replace tetex-extra

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 18:06 +0100, Frank Küster wrote:

> - what about b-bb*.mf in the sauter directory?  Are they just sources
>   for other files that *are* included?  If yes, shouldn't the sources be
>   in TeXlive?

These are the sources for blackbord bold fonts in additional sizes
compared to what the bbold fonts (fonts/*/public/bbold) provide. Similar
to EC and CM somming in different sizes. These fonts are used when
mathbbol.sty  is loaded instead of bbold.sty, even though I don't quite
understand the difference. Is mathbbol.sty included in TeX Live?
> - what is bamstex, and why is it not in texlive?

amstex = plain TeX + macros from AMS
bplain = plain TeX + babel support

=> bamstex = plain TeX + macros from AMS + babel support

> In any case, these are either bugs in TeXlive or intended, and no reason
> to change anything in the meta-package.


(who hasn't looked closely at the rest of this message yet)

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