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Bug#396823: number of fonts is limited in pdfTeX

Frank Küster <frank@kuesterei.ch> wrote:

> latex runs fine and pdflatex gives 
> ! pdfTeX error (arithmetic): divided by zero.
> So the problem is reproducible.  I hope I find time to try the patch
> today. 

And the patch works, I'm currently preparing an upload.  Tomorrow it
should be possible to rebuild debian-reference - or should I make the
uploaded tetex-bin accessible somewhere?  

Yes, I have uploaded it to 

deb http://people.debian.org/~frank/teTeX-3.0 experimental main

Regards, Frank
Dr. Frank Küster
Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Protein Folding @ Inst. f. Biochemie, Univ. Zürich
Debian Developer (teTeX/TeXLive)

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