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Re: RFP: xetex - An extension of TeX with Unicode and OpenType support

Dear Kohda-san!

Good to hear from you. How was the summer in Japan? If it was as hot as
the July in Europe it must have been very bad, together with the

Some comment to xetex:

On Fre, 25 Aug 2006, Atsuhito Kohda wrote:
> >From curiosity, I've packaged xetex 0.995 (and xdvipdfmx 0.3) for 
> Debian/unstable.  (I don't mean to maintain it though.  I guess
> it would be best TeXLive includes XeTeX.)

Next version will include it. I think about making a intermediate
release of texlive packages with 2006~svnYYMMDD so that we can get
xetex. We will see.

> and I tried to follow TeX-Policy as far as I can and used dh_installtex
> (excellent tool!) for the first time.  I've felt strong need to update

Yes, it helps a lot.

One point I found in your package: You don't create a link
	xelatex -> xetex
in /usr/bin. Has to be done by hand.

> But it would modify language.dat (Policy violation) because, 
> with teTeX, huhyphn.tex and srhyphc.tex caused problem with xetex 
> (seems well-known problem).  

Yes, it is, see discussion on the texlive mailing list.

> Is there any smart way to do the same without violating Policy?

Hard, very hard ATM. Changing the language.dat, hmm.

> With TeXLive there is no problem (nor no Policy violation).

Well, you should conflict with texlive-lang-hungarian and
texlive-lang-other, otherwise it breaks.

> http://www1.pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp/~kohda/tex/xetex/sample_linux.tar.gz
> (CJK, Arabic, Hindi, Ethiopic documents etc.)

Thanks, after some changes to the font names I was able to compile
several of the docs on my texlive system.

Great work!!

> I guess many of you can enjoy XeTeX really ;-)

Will see...

Best wishes


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