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Re: RFP: xetex - An extension of TeX with Unicode and OpenType support

Atsuhito Kohda wrote:
> On Sun, 7 May 2006 19:40:10 +0200, Ralf Stubner wrote:
>> now. Also, there are some interesting questions concerning the proper
>> placement of XeTeX specific files in the TEXMF tree.
> I've installed xetex 0.944a in my Debian/unstable (with TeXlive,
> I rebuilt xetex so that xetex was installable with texlive).

Current SVN is better. ;-)

> This would be very small problem but I noticed that our tex-common
> installed texmf.cnf with settings for xetex;
> % XeTeX
> TEXINPUTS.xelatex = .;$TEXMF/tex/{latex,generic,}//
> TEXINPUTS.xetex   = .;$TEXMF/tex/{plain,generic,}//
> (from where it comes?  from texlive?)

I don't know ehere these settings come from, but stock teTeX 3.0
contains the same. But then teTeX and TeX Live used to coordinate their
texmf.cnf settings anyway.

> This may be not bad but, under this settings, I suspect that
> there could be a problem.
> * there are some duplicated files in XeTeX and TeXliv/teTeX,
> for example, keyval.sty, xkeyval.sty are such files.
> * under the above settings (and the current xetex package)
> xetex/xelatex find keyval.sty of TeXlive (not of XeTeX itself).

I don't think that these LaTeX packages would cause any problems. I
don't know why they are included in the XeTeX sources, but one could
either omit them, if the versions in teTeX and TeX Live are recent
enough. Or one could install them in /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/... such
that LaTeX formats using other engines can profit from updated versions,

Actually XeTeX specific stuff (fontspec, xunicode, ...) raise an error
when called with, eg, pdfTeX.

The more interesting thing are the pattern files for hyphenation. Many
of them should be usable with both XeTeX and other TeX engines. But I
don't know to what extend this has been tested. Others (eg for greek)
are not compatible.

> Of course the directory structure of XeTeX would be changed
> when it is included in TeXlive or packaged for Debian but,
> possibly, it will be put under TEXMF/tex/xetex, TEXMF/xelatex
> so the above (not yet used) settings looked wrong.
> I guess possible fix will be
> * remove the above settings completely, or
> * change the settings something like
> TEXINPUTS.xelatex = .;$TEXMF/tex/{xelatex,latex,generic,}//
> TEXINPUTS.xetex   = .;$TEXMF/tex/{xetex,plain,generic,}//
>> BTW, is the license ok for Debian?
> Is the license problematic?

I simply wasn't sure. It has been changed recently to something which
looks like an MIT style license though, which should cause no problems.


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