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Re: RFP: xetex - An extension of TeX with Unicode and OpenType support

On Wed, 09 Aug 2006 10:21:31 +0900 (JST), I wrote:

> On Tue, 08 Aug 2006 19:43:17 +0200, Ralf Stubner wrote:
> > Current SVN is better. ;-)
> I see, I'll try it later.

>From curiosity, I've packaged xetex 0.995 (and xdvipdfmx 0.3) for 
Debian/unstable.  (I don't mean to maintain it though.  I guess
it would be best TeXLive includes XeTeX.)

It installed files under /usr/share (instead of /usr/local/share)
and I tried to follow TeX-Policy as far as I can and used dh_installtex
(excellent tool!) for the first time.  I've felt strong need to update
my knowledge on TeX packaging methods.

But it would modify language.dat (Policy violation) because, 
with teTeX, huhyphn.tex and srhyphc.tex caused problem with xetex 
(seems well-known problem).  
Is there any smart way to do the same without violating Policy?

With TeXLive there is no problem (nor no Policy violation).

You can get them from
deb(-src) http://www1.pm.tokushima-u.ac.jp/~kohda/debian/xetex/ ./

also I could modify some sample files in XeTeX_doc.zip so that
they could be compiled under Debian (or Linux).
As you know, a TeX source for XeTeX is system dependent so one
can't compile sample files for MacOSX under Debian.

You can get it from
(CJK, Arabic, Hindi, Ethiopic documents etc.)

You need to install many ttf-* fonts packages and each file
includes comment what ttf-* is/are necessary for itself.

I guess many of you can enjoy XeTeX really ;-)

Regards,		      2006-8-25(Fri)

 Debian Developer & Debian JP Developer - much more I18N of Debian
 Atsuhito Kohda <kohda AT debian.org>
 Department of Math., Univ. of Tokushima

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