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Re: Upload of new texlive packages

Hi Florent!

Great that you took a look ...

On Mit, 09 Aug 2006, Florent Rougon wrote:
>   - in -base/debian/rules, you use "bash blabla.sh"; if the script
>     should be run with bash, call it blabla.bash...

Ok, or simple sh ..., I guess I have to check all of them for dash
compatibility though.

>   - in -bin/debian/rules, you have sthg like that:
>       rm -f \
>         debian/$$i.{README.Debian,postinst,postrm,prerm,links,links.generated}
>     This kind of globbing is non-POSIX and won't be expanded if sh is
>     dash, for instance. But the failure will be silent due to the -f
>     flag... You can use a "for" loop to fix that.


>     ****************************************************
>     Also, what's this:
>         cp -a build/inst/bin/*/* bin/i386-linux/
>         cp -a bin.special/* bin/i386-linux/
>     Won't it do weird things on, e.g., a powerpc buildd?

;-) You cannot know this, it is to brain dead to be honest. Maybe I
change it once.

Allora: The build process puts the created files into
and I copy all the files to bin/i386-linux

In tpm2deb.pl I set:  $Tpm::CurrentArch = "i386-linux"; so the entries
in the tpms which refers to i386-linux are taken, ie the files in
bin/i386-linux. These files are - on other archs - not really
i386-linux, but it is only to trick the tpm mechanism.

So rest assured, this has been present since some time and binaries were
created for all Debian archs.

But, as I said, this is a real bad hack.

>   - you can use recode instead of your convert-info-files-to-unix.sh
>     (lmodern does that)...

Hmm, Build-Depend on recode in addition instead of the simple script.
Will see, why not.

>   - shouldn't the executable-not-elf-or-script overrides in
>     texlive-pdfetex.override be fixed by inserting a real
>     "#! /usr/bin/perl ..." shebang line instead of using the override,
>     as I noted you did somewhere else (in some dpatches)?

I tried. But it does not work. You are invited to fix this magic header
for me:
eval '(exit $?0)' && eval 'exec perl -S $0 ${1+"$@"}' && eval 'exec perl -S $0 $
  if 0;
use strict;
$^W=1; # turn warning on

It is working, so I don't consider this necessary to change. In fact I
remember that I asked about this once in debian-devel and got the
answer: Either complain to lintian that it does not accept this one, or
use a lintian override.

So I guess the only thing is the POSIX/dash compatibility and recode.
Can I put this on the list for next time, or should I rebuild packages?

Best wishes


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